Girls Vs. Boys  

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You’d think that in this day and age, men would actually get over themselves, and start looking at women with a little more respect. Never mind that we are mere sexual objects to them, but the cheek of some of them! I was reminded suddenly of a conversation I once had with my younger brother. We were watching one of those variety shows, and there was a group of women, who have been fighting for equality of the sexes. They’ve been trying to get women the same rights as men has always had, like playing soccer, and the like. And then that brother of mine opens his mouth without even thinking and says “What’s the matter with the feminists nowadays (ironic since he was only 15!) trying to be better than men in everything. Women are MADE to be inferior to men. No matter what they do, they will always be weaker than men.” And then of course he pulls what every other typical Malay guy does, and quotes things that his Ustaz has said. He pissed me off so much, that the ensuing argument that occurred got me grounded for the next month.
Point is, he and a lot of men out there misunderstand what feminism is. We women are not trying to be better than you men. All we want is to have the same oppurtunities as men have. I had the same argument with sadly another WOMAN at one point. She was the PK HEM in my school and was telling off us girls off for playing around with a football in the school field. I was told by some students that some schools do enforce that rule. Apparently, girls are not allowed to play the same games the boys get to play. As the girls are confined to play only ‘girly’ games, ie: netball & volleyball, the boys in our school quickly got to go to the nationals with games that us girls have been secretly been dying to just try out like cricket, basketball and rugby.
You men might miss the significance of this article or “nagging” as my brother would lightly put it, but I won’t go on to explain it. If you are one of the “enlightened” ones you would know what it is I am talking about. And if you can’t make head or tail of what I am saying, then my friend, it’s time you took a crash course on feminism and really understand what is it I am talking about.

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