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This place is freezing.

My toes are blue,

My fingers are shaking,

And I don't want to see the colour of my lips.

It's the killer monsoon season, and no matter where I am, I seem to be freezing my ass off. I messaged B for the date when we register for out next semester, and even she wasn't sure. I tried for the millionth time to enter UiTM's homepage, and still no success. I finally got in today, and nothing was updated. Kalender Akademik is still for Nov 2005.

And I feel like slapping everyone in this cyber cafe for sheer noise pollution. The combination of online games and typical chinese it a potent one.

I hate stereotyping people. I was at Aravind's house for Deepavali, and I was openly criticizing the typical people I meet in University, and I felt guilty immediately after. They are all not that bad really, just the minority few who just gets on my nerves.

Watched Farenheit 9/11. Love Micheal Moore, but really, watch it with an open mind. His theories are pretty far-fetched.

Damn, I hate the boys here. Feel like screaming...

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because UiTM is bangang, thats why =p

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