Tiny things?  

Posted by Kamelia

Little things catch my attention. Things people would usually walk past and never think twice about. But I see them everyday. Little things that assure me that the day will go fine, like a trusting friend, whispering their hopes and dreams to you. Which doesn't really make sense really, since some of the things are not even alive. Like the half empty bottle of soya bean that is wedged between the staircase that I climb everyday to go to class. It's been there for me faithfully since the first day of class last semester to this very day. To other people is incompetence on the maintainence part, but to me, it's the symbol of our existence.

The contents of the bottle has turned into a deep shade of yellow, filled with its own eco-system and probably filled with millions of tiny organisms. In a way, it's almost like all of us on earth, everyone living in this giant greenhouse bottle where we go about in our everyday lives. I wonder whether somewhere, our world is wedged between some staircase as well.

And then there's this kitten. The college kitten that curls up in the middle of the hallways, mews silently in stairwells and walks around aimlessly, without purpose. Something about this kitten touches the very core of my soul. How it's eyes seem to stare deep into you, and strips you naked and knows every corner of you. Farfetched, I know, but I guess there are reasons why cats have been revered by kings and queens long gone.

I wonder whether other people notice these things as well, and think of them the way I do. Tiny things that make such a Huge difference in the day to day proceedings.

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