Bila Kancil Jadi Babi  

Posted by Kamelia

Have you heard of that adage, "Bila Kancil Jadi Babi"? So the story goes:

A merry family goes out to do their shopping. It's the weekend. Naturally, the parking lots are all full. But they go around looking for one anyway. Keeping their hopes alive, with thoughts of a delicious dinner and maybe a movie afterwards, they search onwards.

"Look, there's one!" Little sister screams in delight. Father dashes across the parking lot, hoping that the empty lot stays open.

The empty lot looms into view.

Five more to go.




A Kancil shifts into view. It sits there innocently, as if it's been there the whole time. It snickers at the trick it has played on us.

"Babi! Now we have to look for another one."

Crestfallen, the journey continues...

And so the adage: "Bila Kancil Jadi Babi."

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Maybe its "Bila Kancil jadi BABI" for you....for me its just "Bila Kancil jadi *!@^^#%@&*@*(&@^%@&&#!
%(($#(&$&^@%$!^#@&#* !!"


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