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Since Baby came to surprise me and whisked me off to balik kampung earlier than expected, I didn't get to say my greetings first. So first of all, Selamat Hari Raya to all muslims. Maaf zahir and batin!

A lot has happened since I last blogged. So, here is a recap in pictures!

I finally got my new hand phone! Sony Ericsson's W880i. Of course, it's not as good as Baby's new Cybershot, but it cradles me to sleep at night with it's superb sound. The sounds of Leonardo's Bride is finally justified.

I had my eye checked out again. It started as irritating, and then painful, and then just plain worrying. My contact lenses felt like onion juice everytime I put it on. Damn pedih! So I took a trip to a very reputable clinic in Kajang, and one of the most ancient. Klinik Ng. It still has the old school look. Hard word benches, chinese signboards and the grumpy hunched lady that lectures you at the medicine dispensary. So my eye is a lot better now, but it still feels weird when in my right eye when I put on my lenses. Oh well...

Baby has joined the blogging world! I have resigned to the fact that he isn't much of a fancy writer, but he does make an excellent reviewer. And armed with his Cybershot, he has posted about our buka puasa adventure at Ikea.

It was the first hari raya for us at our new home. So we went all out and got 20 pelita api, and decked the terrace with fairy lights! It's amazing how something so simple can make you feel so much like a kid again. I have also learnt that water is actually heavier than kerosene :P And that cats does not like fire. :)

We also made our own ketupat. Papa reliving the days when he used to do it for Tuk Wan. Mama went all out and made five different cookies and two cakes. All of course, assisted by yours truly. I've learnt to never substitute butter for margarine, and when they ask for wholemeal flour, they do mean wholemeal flour, and that I don't give a damn if the dough has raw eggs and there's a chance for salmonella, I am licking that bowl!

Hari raya baking however could be potentially dangerous. Being my normal clumsy self, I have two burn wounds from the oven, a cut from the knife, and another cut from the jagged edge of a tin.

Ijam came back with scorpions! His wish to have a weird pet finally came true. Next on his wishlist to get an iguana. To which Mama protested loudly.

Hari Raya was an eventful affair with everyone from Singapore and JB staying over at our house. After test-driving the house as a potential base for future holidays, everyone proclaimed it to be perfect for get togethers. So next durian season, there will be several loud aunties and a handful of boisterous cousins at my home. It will be a lot of fun.

But the all the fun had to come to an abrupt halt. Here I am back in campus. One more presentation, one more thesis paper to finish. Final exams to look forward to finish and lots of headaches in between.

Here's hoping that Baby would drop by and whisk me off again...

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Selamat hari raya Kamy. We're back to 0-0 now kan? Time to irritate you back :P

eh eh...we're keeping score meh?

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