I am off sugar!  

Posted by Kamelia

I have a sweet spot when it comes to sugar.

Pastries with peaches,
Cream filled puffs,
Chocolate glazed donuts.

In fact, I even mentioned to Baby that I want one of my hantaran to be a chocolate fountain.

Isn't that a great idea? Hehe...

But my sweet spot for chocolate and sugar has had its repercussions. I shall say no more. Ask me no questions, and I shall tell you no lies. So it's with this steely resolve, that I have determined to abstain from all forms of sugar for the entire week. That means:

Muesli for breakfast
Cut fruits for lunch
and bread for dinner.
And no hot mocha beverages in between.

Can I do it? Will I make it? Stay tuned.

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kamy, good luck!! if u succeed blog about it k :)

cammy... i taw u ada the drive and the determination to do it.

you go girl!


"pour some sugar on me.." hehe..

i baru je view cuppacakes and big apple donuts tadi.

tak sangka plak ur current entry pun ada gmbr donuts. haha;p

after viewing so much of donuts, i'm starting to crave for that.!;p

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