Harold and Kumar is Back!  

Posted by Kamelia

Surfing around, and found out that there's going to be a second installment of Harold and Kumar!

You may or may not have seen the previous movie, Harry and Kumar go to White Castle. If you have HBO on Astro, you may want to look out for it. Yes, although the movie does come off as being one huge advertisement for White Castle, the movie was so ridiculous, it was hilarious. Now I am not a fan of spoof movies. Especially the Scary movie series, and then Epic movie, and Date movie. But this had a whole new flavour to it, particularly, because the starring roles weren't stupid caucasian dude and duddettes.

Anyway, I'm not going to go into extreme detail about the movie. You'd have to watch it for yourself. And if you have, then you should be watching this trailer, and get just as psyched as I am.

Not too sure whether it will be opening in our local cinemas though. If only I had a Rapidshare account. Hmmm... (Calls credit card company)

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harold is abit of a gangsta

I dunno...I thought Kumar was the gangster :P

Yeah, I loved the first one and I'm sure I'll love the second one. I can't wait. Thanks for the post!
Have you seen this Harold and Kumar contest? A $420 cash giveaway on giantmag.com in honor of the new movie?

Check it out

i absolutely love harold and kumar! its true u know, once u have a craving for white castle, u'll drive/walk/swim/fly to the end of the world to get it. cant wit for the 2nd one

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